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I've spent 50,000+ hours with sales professionals...

“Since joining Visualsoft in 2005, Tim has been instrumental in the company’s growth; directly responsible for developing the new business strategy to grow the company from an initial handful of clients to a portfolio now over a thousand strong.

Tim is a highly experienced sales leader and enjoys a hands-on, results-oriented approach to business development, revenue generation and process optimisation.”

– Visualsoft

Sales Strategy & Approach

Scan the operating environment and competitive landscape for threats and opportunities.

Work with key stakeholders to define the ideal customer profile, product fit, data profiling and content engagement strategies.

Implement new sales initiatives, techniques and strategies that make sales scalable and repeatable.

Curate effective sales playbooks and refine based on seller feedback and shifting market demands.

Sales Toolkit & Support Materials

Work with brand marketing to ensure the salesforce are provided with the required high quality assets to effectively communicate the value proposition;

- digital toolkit

- marketing materials

- presentation decks

- proposals

- paperwork packs

Sales Systems & Processes

Participate in the selection, implementation and deployment of technologies to increase efficiency and sales effectiveness.

Use CRM data to evaluate sales performance, and make recommendations to improve productivity.

Utilise sales technology tools for reporting and benchmarking metrics.

Increase efficiency by streamlining paperwork and onboarding processes.

Sales Leadership, Culture & Values

Act as a high-level authority, coach and mentor to the sales team, providing guidance and solutions to sales-related challenges.

Set the tone leading by example; serving as a business representative at major industry events, conferences and exhibitions.

Craft a compelling set of core mantras and sales values, leading to a 5-star sales experience.

Sales Enablement & Development

Conduct analysis of current skills, knowledge and processes and work with the team to identify strengths and areas for development.

Spend time in the field with reps to understand the “field reality” and build sales enablement deliverables to meet their needs.

Plan, design and execute the sales learning & development strategy.

Sales Quality Assurance

Monitor, review and improve the customer sales experience.

Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the sales team and arrange training, coaching, additional help as and when required.

Implement sales feedback and closed lost insight processes to better understand lost reasons and formulate pipeline retention strategies.

Where I Can Help

The Top 4 Growth Limiting Challenges

At this stage you are possibly wondering whether or not I could help grow your business. If you are experiencing any of the four challenges below, let’s initiate a conversation

Ineffective Lead Generation

A steady flow of high-quality leads is vital for sustained growth. Yet, businesses often grapple with strategies that miss the target audience or lack compelling messaging, leading to a limited pipeline of new customers.

Poor S & M Alignment

Sales and marketing misalignment causes missed opportunities and disjointed customer experiences. Disharmony leads to lost leads during handoff and ineffective marketing support for sales. Alignment is crucial for success.

Poor Conversion Rates

Even with a decent lead pool, if the sales team struggles to convert leads into customers, growth can stall. Inadequate sales training, lack of personalised sales approaches, or insufficient follow-up processes can contribute to low conversion rates.

Lengthy Sales Cycles

Prolonged sales cycles can seriously impede growth, draining resources, time, and effort during lengthy deal closures. This adversely affects morale, cash flow and overall business agility. Streamlining the process is the key to success.